Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brave new world

Finishing things is so very exciting. I love to see items nearing 100% on my Projects list, and then get done. Of course, it doesn't always mean that the other items that are languishing will then get attention. Oh, no. It often means I give myself permission to start oneortwoorfive new project(s).

I always have projects waiting in the wings. G was waiting very impatiently for me to finish a project (yay, done last night) in order to get started on a Captain Underpants for him. His face fell when I read the materials list and thought I didn't have an appropriate yarn for it (I'll use aran in place of the DK and I think it'll be fine).

I'm headed out on a trip soon, and selecting the appropriate projects is always a bit of fun. I think I'll bring a pair of socks I just started, and a bit of lace. I live in fear of not having knitting available, when the reality is that it is certainly possible I will knit a total of 4 stitches on the four days I'll be gone. Which is certainly OK, provided that the knitting time is replaced by major fun.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is a test

As usual, I have many things OTN at the moment. Unusually, though, many of them are close to completion. I could get rid of 3 WIPs in one evening! Wouldn't *that* be something?

I finished the second clog for G's teacher. They look great! I love that green color. And after ripping the first clog for me, I'm almost done reknitting it correctly (without the random stripe going off sideways and resultant odd shape). I may be able to take them to Vegas, which would be ironic, as they are quite Burninatoresque. Just have to get them felted and dried. I have plenty of time. Right?

I'm also working on a swatch for my Must Have Cardigan. I had someone ask if it was a scarf, which is too funny, as it is a boring Here's the test question: Does a certain Burninator actually read my knitting blog? strip of 5" rectangles of stockinette stitch separated by a few rows of garter stitch, so I can try US7 through US9 for this sweater, and maybe not have to modify it too much to fit me (as the largest size is 41" and my actual bustline is 42", and folks say it runs small). There is a set of instructions out there to size it to 49", but 7" of positive ease is too much for me. (I may modify those to have just a few added motifs on the back to make more width.) Well, we'll see, as I plan to actually go the distance and wash and block my swatch before measuring (well, I'm curious, so I'll measure it before as well).

I am using the Russet colorway of the Patons Classic Merino Wool, and it really is lovely. But a smidge scratchy. I think Cascade 220 does win on the affordable-wool-that's-not-scratchy front. Well, Ella Rae Classic might edge Cascade out, but not by much.

And the K2P2 ribbed Alpaca Brush scarf continues to grow as I wait for G to get belted in, the car to warm up, and some long red lights to go green. I am loving this yarn and wondering what a snuggly sweater in it would be like.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I finished!

About 15 minutes before midnight, I finished G's socks. They turned out super cute! He wore them yesterday afternoon... and woke up today with 'hot feet.' I hope to God he isn't allergic to wool! (Although his rainbow sweater is wool and that never seemed to bother him.)

I also finished the felted pig purse. Honestly, I think it took longer to finish than it took to felt. First, I had to cut open the top, stuff it with paper (and two saucers for the ends), and baste the top shut so it wouldn't flare. Then I had to pin the tail in a spiral.
Pig, drying
After it dried, I put the handles on (hand sewn with ribbons to hold them on), punched the feet through the bottom, cut and sewed in both pieces of the plastic mesh, tacked the ears up (they kept flopping), cut and sewed the lining (Pink Panther fabric, with special slots for magnets for the clasp), and then sewed it in.

She seemed really happy with it. I hope she is. It is still a big purse. But it is very cute.

I'm hoping to get some more near-FO's pushed over to the FO side soon, including the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport "Rainbow" baby hat, which has mere inches (and a curly tie) to go.
Baby hat
Hm, I never did hear what my stepmom thought of the Anemoi mittens. I do hope she loved them. I was very pleased with how they turned out.
Anemoi Mittens