Friday, July 06, 2007

I sat and crocheted!

String bag
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While I was on vacation, I finished a very cool string bag. I had been wanting to knit one, and had a pattern ready, but Beverly's put Sugar 'n' Creme cotton yarn on sale, and oh! the colorways! I was only going to buy a few balls for G for his handweaving ($1.29 a ball!), but there was a pattern for a string bag on the label of one, so I just had to buy three and dig out a G crochet hook (although these days, crochet hooks are metric! Had to find a chart to see what letter-size I needed!) and start it.

Hey, it was kinda fun! Made me remember how much I liked it, just not for sweaters etc., because the look is not as smooth as knitting.

I think it turned out great! See for yourself:

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Dharma said...

I fondle that colourway every time I see it! I am moving towards making little wash clothes for my kitchen rather than sponges for cleaning counters. Next time that stuff is on sale....