Sunday, July 08, 2007

Progress on Swallowtail Shawl (and, I can do math!)

I got lots of time to work on my Swallowtail Shawl last weekend at my aunt's cabin. I counted sets of markers, did lots of arithmetic, and found that I must have miscounted repeats-- I was two repeats short of the 14 called for (and thus short of the 195 stitches resulting from the 14 repeats). I also figured out that each repeat adds 6 stitches to the total. So, since I wanted a larger shawl than the pattern says (23" deep seems too shallow), I futzed around with the math of the next section (multiples of 10) and figured out how many extra repeats of budding lace II I would need, 5 (x 6 = 30, the first multiple of 6 that is a multiple of 10). I was so pleased when I looked it up online and found several others had come to the same conclusion. The repeats are slow, as the yarn is like thread and the needles plenty slick (Susan Bates Quicksilvr), so I knit carefully rather than my usual tearing speed. But 5 more repeats, even of 6 rows of pattern, doesn't seem entirely daunting. And the result does seem worth it, from what I've read in the blogs.

It really was worthwhile spending a whole weekend on one thing, as this shawl seemed endless only a few weeks ago. Now the end is in sight, and I have the trick for the p5tog nupps (sl 2, p3tog, pass slipped stitches over). I think I can do this! (oof, just found another notation that says I'll be short 2 stitches on a later chart-oh well, I can do that, too.)

I'll post a pic as soon as I've taken one--but it doesn't actually look terribly different than it did before. Just a few more buds in lace.

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