Friday, July 13, 2007

It's here! It's here!

I had tried to buy a skein of "Gathering Storm" off Rabbitch's store site, but the gods did not like me and PayPal couldn't process my order ("no country field filled out"--huh?). In a panic, because OMG it was so gorgeous, I emailed Rabbitch directly. She could send it!

Got the package today--and what a boon! Not only a skein of Gathering Storm, even more delicious than I'd expected, but an additional skein titled "Jennie," which is SO SO me, and a niddy noddy. (I'd sent her a bit of change when she was driving on a piece of bent steel and a patch of rubber a way back.)

Oh MAN, what fun!

Don't miss out. Her store still has some Black Orchid available, stunning purple stuff, and No Mean Feets, a gorgeous mix of blues, as well as a tasty Swamp Thing in 100yd or 50yd lengths. Go, now!

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Dharma said...

I love love love the black orchid!