Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in the saddle

I tinked back to my row counter marker last night (just half a row), studied the chart, and found the problem: row 63 is not marked as a "use one stitch from previous round" row, even though you clearly must. On the previous page, it's even included as one of those rounds; it's just the chart that doesn't have that marking. (interestingly, it's not been corrected yet.)

Once I borrowed that stitch, it was easy sailing. I'm up to row 73, down to about 48 stitches, and the end is in sight! I'd photograph it, but it's textured black--I think it would look like a black blob! I'll try to when it's done. So glad to be so close to done. (and, it turns out, Shedir is compatible with HP7! Glad I have a book holder.)

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Dharma said...

I finished my first hat for Glamour Girl, just need to photograph it and get it in the mail.