Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few done, a few gone, and (oops) a few started

Let's see. I've recently finished a 100% washable wool blanket for our minister's darling son in the 4 colors of Mission Falls 1824 Wool that I had on hand. I pretty much knit till I ran out, and did a seed-stitch edging of the remaining three colors. Turned out kind of dark/muted, but I liked it. Given to the minister (wife was home, sick, with son) on Sunday.

Saturday, I put two of my knit things (plus a fabric book) in the silent auction. Ugh. I'm done with that. The shawl, made from Great Adirondack 50/50 silk/wool yarn, went for $15, and the cowl, of Louisa Harding Grace silk/wool, for $20 (and that was a pity bid from my friend on my silent-auction committee). Both for far less than the yarn alone cost. Next year, a plate of brownies.

Well, I didn't think the Grace was a good color for me, and I had lost my liking for the G.A. yarn, so it's good that they're gone. (shrug)

I'm plodding along on the Shedir, in the repeat section. I just don't tend to pick it up. But I'd like to be done with it. The intended recipient keeps showing up to church in these bulky hats; it'd be nice to give her this more delicate options.

I had a hard time picking a project to bring along to two events recently, as Shedir requires a chart, as does Eli's Christmas Stocking, and the division for the v-neck for the Bell Sleeve Pullover wasn't done yet and was too much to bring for a simple project. I finally settled on the fronts of "The Very Thought of Him" (no link available), as they're mistake rib and pretty easy to do without looking, as long as you get the first stitch right. It worked well, after I started one ball for one side--I had tons of yarn barf and wound up the extras and then started. All this at a workshop for my son's school, on school safety. His teacher glanced at me a few times, so I asked her if it was bothering her, and she said No, it was fascinating that I was knitting without looking!

I also had the Chevron Scarf with me, at least at the Sunday-evening meeting, but the directions I'd scrawled down just didn't make sense (turns I'd read too fast, and they were wrong). I got it started at home later that night and I've done about 5" of it so far. I do like it, but my yarn choices are a bit unusual. Pics soon.

I got a shipment from Knitivity recently, of "Graffiti" and a Yuletide Affinity kit for the above-mentioned stocking. (I'd started one in Knit Picks Palette, which I adore, but not for this; the original greens are shudder bad and the reds are very pinky. I'd planned to shade through the colors in the stocking and see how it went, but when I got the Affinity kit, I tossed the Palette one aside and started a new one. I'm working on 2s but the fingering is marked "light fingering" with reason--it is very light. I may switch to 1s for more substance.

I had decided to knit NOTHING for Christmas presents this year, but I realized that one of G's aftercare workers would love a handknit scarf or hat, so I think I'll do that one thing and nothing else. I mean it.

And I just figured out what to get for G's teacher for Christmas, phew!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting projects done

I realized Saturday that while starting another project for our church auction was out of the question (the auction being Saturday and the deadline for items being Wednesday), I actually had to push myself to get the Pashmina Cowl completely done that night. It only had 2" left to do before the purl row (and 5 st st rows after that, plus a bind-off), so I got to it and finished it. I decided to do the k2tog, put the stitch back on the left needle, repeat to the end bindoff. It wasn't stretchy at first, but when I loosened my knitting, it was very stretchy and not picot-ish, which I've had happen for other bind-offs (such as Mom's Schrapnel Socks). I wove in the ends for it, and the Shetland Triangle, put them on hangers, and took photos.

Christmas Cowl

Shetland Triangle Shawl

Then I took a good look at my remaining projects, and although I really want to throw myself into finishing the Bell Sleeved Pullover, I really need to get the latest Shedir done. I worked hard on it last night and got through row 40, which is about halfway done.

Top-down Shedir

Thursday, October 02, 2008

On finishing, mistakes, and roadblocks

I have just started yet another project, but one which is a stashbuster and has an end date. It does, however, up my WIPs to 12.


Good number for the days of Christmas; bad number for WIPs. I tried to push myself to finish one or two before I started, but got hung up. One feltable project is liable to bleed, so I have to get together a load of dog towels to wash with it. The other one, argh, has a mistake: the long strip with a slit in the middle has a TWIST on one side that I have to snip and fix.

So, whaddya do? Cast on another project that is full of hope and promise and will never get screwed up. Right.

I seem to be hitting roadblocks left and right. My "Inga Hat," which I'm making to be a tea cozy with changing shades of red, looks great, but is so fuhreakin' huge. I considered abandoning the pattern and making it shorter, but I just can't handle that kind of mental gymnastics. So I may try to felt it down afterward. Argh.

Well, onward and upward.