Tuesday, June 10, 2008

July is finishing month

I declare July to be Finishing Month for me. I intend to spend the whole month finishing already-started projects. (Thank goodness I have a jillion started projects!)

Sounds like a good time for a rundown! But before I start, I did sew the buttons onto my Must Have Cardigan, crochet across the back neck a la Yarn Harlot, and weave in all the remaining ends. I love it more than ever. Yeah!

OK, projects in need of finishing:
0) Science Teacher Socks. I shall do my best to finish these by Friday, or next week at the latest. I've finished one and am past the wording on the second. Many inches of boring leg, endless heel, boring foot, and interesting toe to go.
1) Graham's stripey socks. Put aside in favor of the STSs. Partway through the second. I'll need to re-find this one.
2) Shetland Triangle in the cranberry bog lace. I think once I settle down with this one, I'll love it.
3) Birch in smoke Kidsilk Haze. Not sure I'll love this one, but I'm willing to give it another go. With about a million stitch markers.
4) Good behavior bear--the Baby Bobbi Bear in Sugar & Creme. I went down a needle size but fear it'll still be too lacy. We'll see.
5) Orange stripey sweater ("Bell Sleeved Pullover"). I've already changed it by adding waist shaping, but plan to also add bust darts and a v-neck. Not sure about those bell sleeves, either.
6) Mom's stranded grey wool sweater. I knit about 4" worth and hated the way the ribbing was folding up on itself. A wonderful reader (thanks Tamar!) suggested adding a bit of seed stitch in between. I'll try that this time.
7) Clapotis. Folks think this is boring; I find it maddening... maybe I'm just too stupid for this pattern, but I always, always ended up a stitch short or with an extra. And I never did learn the end stitches so that I could just do them by rote. When/if I finish, I do think I'll love it, though. The yarn is fantastic.
8) Socks in the caramel-colored Biagio sportweight. Not sure if I'll continue the Twinkle Toes pattern, but I do want to finish socks. And as they're on 4s, they should go fast.
9) Blue v-neck cotton sweater. It's an old Vogue pattern, and the decreases are just freaking odd. I need to write them down and ask for advice on Ravelry. I really want to finish it, as I still love the pattern.
10) Tubey. Need to do more and decide whether to do the front differently (higher? bust darts?).

There are a few more hibernating, but I think that'll keep me busy for July!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Updates on projects

Tiny update on the Must Have Cardigan: OK, I bought buttons. And embroidery floss with which to attach said buttons!

Yeah, that's it for that update.

I started and am nearly finished with Sock #1 of the Teacher Socks for G's teacher. My right wrist is sadly killing me, though, and school is done next Friday. I could maybe get the toe done tonight but man am I gonna have to knit fast to finish in time.

I got my orange fuzzy "Bell Sleeved Pullover" done up to the armpits, where I should do bust darts if I'm going to. And I'm chicken, so nothing has happened on it. (The back is done, so once I finish the front, it's on to the sleeves and get finished.) sigh Oh, I also want to do a V-neck instead of the slit neck. So I have to figure that out myself too.

I don't even know where my mom's stranded sweater is. I mean, I know it's in my bedroom, but I can't remember how far I got on the waistband when I cast it back on. Or maybe I haven't yet. Another sigh. I'm remembering how it was folding up at the waist. So freaking irritating.

I'm also contemplating a summer sweater to knit, one of my waiting choices in a cotton blend. I'm torn between The Very Thought of Him (link opens a PDF) and Rosemary's Swing Jacket. One is comfy, the other stylish. Feel free to ring in if you like.

Hm, other news... my sister, she who finally saw the light about knitting, is now saying she doesn't want a stash. And is accumulating a small stash. Hee hee. Revenge is sweet (for her exclaiming about the quantity of yarn I've amassed).

She's also saying she'd never learn to spin. Hee, hee.