Friday, June 06, 2008

Updates on projects

Tiny update on the Must Have Cardigan: OK, I bought buttons. And embroidery floss with which to attach said buttons!

Yeah, that's it for that update.

I started and am nearly finished with Sock #1 of the Teacher Socks for G's teacher. My right wrist is sadly killing me, though, and school is done next Friday. I could maybe get the toe done tonight but man am I gonna have to knit fast to finish in time.

I got my orange fuzzy "Bell Sleeved Pullover" done up to the armpits, where I should do bust darts if I'm going to. And I'm chicken, so nothing has happened on it. (The back is done, so once I finish the front, it's on to the sleeves and get finished.) sigh Oh, I also want to do a V-neck instead of the slit neck. So I have to figure that out myself too.

I don't even know where my mom's stranded sweater is. I mean, I know it's in my bedroom, but I can't remember how far I got on the waistband when I cast it back on. Or maybe I haven't yet. Another sigh. I'm remembering how it was folding up at the waist. So freaking irritating.

I'm also contemplating a summer sweater to knit, one of my waiting choices in a cotton blend. I'm torn between The Very Thought of Him (link opens a PDF) and Rosemary's Swing Jacket. One is comfy, the other stylish. Feel free to ring in if you like.

Hm, other news... my sister, she who finally saw the light about knitting, is now saying she doesn't want a stash. And is accumulating a small stash. Hee hee. Revenge is sweet (for her exclaiming about the quantity of yarn I've amassed).

She's also saying she'd never learn to spin. Hee, hee.


Anonymous said...

The state of your projects seems sadly like mine. I have a lot of finishing to do. :O/ And my knitting mojo seems to have disappeared. I know it will return but it frustrates me when this happens. I do want to make my summer top before summer is over! I DO want all the socks to have mates before the cold weather returns! We could use the fake wasp nest right NOW! So why am I not knitting!? No idea. A slump. Hope you can find your mojo soon,

=Tamar said...

I read a tip for how to make waistbands not fold up at the waist.
You knit a small transition zone between ribbing and stockinette.
I think it was seed stitch, but garter stitch might work too.

Jennie said...

Thanks, Tamar! That sounds like a great idea!