Tuesday, March 14, 2006


One of the aftereffects of the Knitting Olympics was a yearning for fast projects. I started a watch cap just before our trip to Portland, and finished it the first day we were there. It looks great. I used some Cleckheaton superwash wool in a beautiful navy-maroon-teal variegation. Mom had bought the wool a while ago, I think for a cap for Graham. So this one was ostensibly for Graham, although since he stole mine a while ago, I think it'll end up being mine. It used about 1 1/3 balls of the wool so I have lots left over. Hm, what to do with it? It is so soft and you can't beat machine wash & dry wool!

I got about 4" done on my mom's 2nd sock while I was there; she tried on the finished 1st sock and was quite pleased. Interestingly, the color patterns of the wool are parallel; had I known, I might have pulled out a few yards of the first ball to make them completely match. So interesting.

Bought so much yarn at Mom's LYS; wow. Very reasonable prices for a shop that is about the only shop for an hour's drive around. They had lots of sock yarn and fun fur-type yarn that I passed on (except for some super-soft milk-chocolate-brown fur I want to make a scarf/cowl from), and lots of basic yarns too. I got to feel Cascade 220 (GREAT yarn) and found out each skein contains 220 yards (oh, duh!). Also chose a skein of brown yarn for Graham's teddy bear I'll be making from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.

And I just got a box from Elann.com... eeee!

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Dharma said...

More yarn!?! Sheesh woman. I'm jealous