Tuesday, May 01, 2007

UFO Challenge: April

I just realized the ONLY thing I finished in April were the feltable coasters. How funny that I finished two of them last night! I did get some done on the sand-colored Tahki scarf, got the Swallowtail Shawl well started, new socks started... but nothing else. I think I finished my sister's hat & scarf in March and finally mailed them in April. (She's probably wearing them in France right now!)

I'll put up photos of the coasters soon. They're just lovely and the one ball will probably make 8. I think I'll go ahead and make myself some hot pads from the same directions sheet. Hm, and maybe a soda/beer cozie too. (what fun!)

I do likes finishing things.

Update: here's a pic! Straw Into Gold Crystal Palace's Taos yarn in the Painted Desert Colourway.

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