Thursday, August 02, 2007

(spluttering) 1 Week!?!

I was hunting around blogs last night to check up on modifications I might have to make to my Swallowtail Shawl (thought I had to decrease 2 stitches on Lily of the Valley Lace II; maybe not), and found one gal who finished it in one week.

I'm going on four months! Aaagh.

OTOH, I'm unreasonably pleased to have finished the Lily of the Valley Lace I as of last night. Gleeful, even.

But don't take that to mean I didn't put in another lifeline. I'm gleeful, not drunk. (I leave that to Rabbitch.)

The end is in sight!

Adding: I switched to the size 4 Addi Lace Needles for this. Am loving them.


Rabbitch said...

I put in lifelines all the time. Because I'm often drunk, of course.

Dharma said...

I flip between the two of you, though I am more often drunk on stress rather than good liquor.

Dharma said...

Also maybe she's project monogamous, unlike you and I. Or obsessive. Or has no life, again not like you and me.