Friday, October 05, 2007

Hoping not to jinx things

but I'm on row 16 of Anemoi and it's going (deep breath) well.

Pix soon, I swear!

The mitten seems big, but then I put it on, and it's fine on my hand. I hope my stepmom likes the colors. Realized today that they're really *my* colors. But I never did figure out what her colors are.... They are lovely, in any case. I really like the palm and the thumb. Never knew I was so drawn to regular pattern. It would be boring if there weren't a patterned back, but it really is fun in any case.

Am hoping to get my heinie to Britex tomorrow to buy buttons.

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Dharma said...

Knowing people's colours can be hard. I know yours, TGF's, and Sunny's. Oh and T'Mane - Pink and more pink. After that it gets hard and I just fake it. I'm sure they are lovely.