Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July is Finishing Month--A Summary

The Ravelry group I started for this trend has done well. 16 knitters joined, several of them posted lists and then updates. I finished 6 items (yay me!), including 2 frogged ones (which counts as finishing in my book, with the added bonus of available yarn for some other project).

I did start one project during the month--my coworker has no sock/case for his iPod, and I had talked about making him an iPod sock and forgotten. Saw him take his iPod carefully out of its original box reminded me. I cast on and finished in a couple of hours a simple one in some leftover Mission Falls charcoal wool. Love knitting with that stuff. Soft and unfeltable.

I'm way too pleased with myself for starting a group and getting people to join. It has been a GREAT thing for me. I may continue to post as I clean up those WIPs I had posted at the beginning (including doing the hard work of planning and executing bust darts on my Bell Sleeve Pullover, and more planning/charting/trying things on my mom's stranded pullover).

But mostly? It's been a very good thing to be restricted to finishing. For one thing, I haven't bought yarn all month! True, Rabbitch did send me yarn, but she will attest, when appropriately soused, that I did not purchase it in July 2008. (Brewskies are in the mail, hon.)

Oh, and a hockey friend says she knows a certain Rabbitch who also knows me! A very cool small-world find.

Knit on!

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Rabbitch said...

Sober as a judge here and still willing to verify that you didn't buy that yarn in July. In fact I don't think you bought that one at all -- it was an "extra". I still owe you some, it's on its way. Next PO visit is Friday.

And yes, the world is very small ... (don't make me sing)