Friday, August 01, 2008

When you can't knit

I have a hard time with my limited knitting time as it is. Makes me jealous, if just a little, of those who have jobs where they wait for the phone to ring, and kind of get paid to knit. I always want to get more done, more things knit, more things started and finished.

But now, with my lovely lateral epicondylitis, I'm even more fidgety. I knit two rows night-before-last before quitting due to that prickly feeling in my elbow. Dang it.

Maybe I can put my time to designing mom's round-necked pullover on paper instead.


1 comment:

Dharma said...

Are you dissing me? LOL. It was cushy but boring as all get out. My friend Dawnknits surfs on Ravelery all day and takes 2 hours lunches. She is going out of her mind. Sorry about your elbow, that bits.