Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I put aside Birch last night, picked up the tea cozy, and zoomed on it. Here it is, draped on my teapot:

Tea cozy, knitting done

What's left to do: wash and block, cut steeks, sew back, put on i-cord loops with buttons for faucet and handle.


amy said...

oh wow - that's gorgeous! good job! (and i'm glad to see that you're posting re: knitting again. :-) )

Jennie said...

Thanks! I'm sort of getting back on the blogging wagon. :)

=Tamar said...

Beautiful. I assume you left openings for the spout and handle?
Or are you planning to steek it?

Fulay said...

I love it! Is the pattern yours? If not what is the name of the pattern? Would love to make one (tea drinker here).