Monday, February 22, 2010

Long time, no writing about knitting

I've decided to start up writing about my knitting again, rather than publish 140-character comments.

I'm currently working on Alice Starmore's "Henry VIII" from "Tudor Roses," and it is a challenge... but apparently one I'm up to. I'm on row 30, which is great except when you realize I need to be past row 64 and well into the second set of 64 rows for the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics. Well, at least it all looks good, and the worst mistake I've done lately is to knit two 10-stitch sections wrong, an action that was easily undone in the next time around.

Henry, row 30

The body is steeked (I didn't end up including it in the photo) so as to make a cardigan, and the openings for the arms will be steeked soon, in the second repeat of 64 stitches, I think. I made a tea cozy for me with steeks to give myself some practice. (No whiskey needed.)

Next on my queue is a smart scarf for G's teacher, for an end-of-the-year gift. I've chosen my Rowan Wool-cotton for it that I got on some sale or other. It's a sort of steel blue.

Coming up are some more fingerless mitts for my mom, who suffers from Reynaud's syndrome. Her fingertips go completely white sometimes. My theory is that if I can warm the pulse, the warm blood might help avoid some of the Reynaud's. I have a silk/wool size S sweater I'm going to unravel, retwist, and knit with.

And then, another sweater. I got some nearly-kelly-green yarn from Herrschner's in a bumpy, tweedy blend. I'm hoping it'll do nicely for a Rosemary's Swing Jacket.

I could go back and list the projects I've done since I last blogged, but I'm choosing to move forward on this. I'll try to update on projects and thoughts for the future. For now, I'm really enjoying what I am working on.

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