Friday, January 03, 2014

Knitting Rules

I have two rules of knitting. Only two. But they are very important, and breaking them results in heartache. And usually, lots of cussing.

  1. Don't panic. Think something's wrong? Take a moment, breathe, maybe put it away for 5 mins or a day or a month. Then come back and reevaluate. Very often, this has helped me avoid ripping--or forgetting this rule has caused massive rippage.
  2. Read the directions. Yes, really read them. No, don't just scan: read them. All the way through. Now read them again.
These two rules have helped me avoid much pain. Conversely, ignoring them... oh, the sadness. Simple rules. Obey them.

1 comment:

Karen Frisa said...

I wish that every one of my students would do both of those things. :)