Thursday, April 13, 2006

An FO I left out

I started another watchcap just before we went up to my mom's, one weekend in March. I was able to finish it just as we arrived. I'm really pleased. The color variations in the yarn are really beautiful. And, once again, Cleckheaton's 8 ply, what can I say? Easy care, soft, 100% wool. This one is from the Tapestry line, color(way) 13.

You can see where I changed balls: the second ball has some lighter colors. I still like it; I think the variation is interesting but not jarring. And I love this pattern (a free Plymouth pattern; email me about it!).

Now I have a watchcap to replace the one my son commandeered. Ha, and his is just Red Heart TLC!

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Dharma said...

Again, in person, this hat is beautiful - the colours are great!