Thursday, April 13, 2006

Knitted lace--only when you're mad?

Well, I was home, and steamed at my neighbor for causing my basement to flood, so of course I decided to try some knitted lace ("Branching Out" from Knitty with CrackSilk Haze).

I actually did really well for a full repeat of the 10-row pattern. Then about row 5 of the next set, it happened: I was short a stitch. I counted for a while and finally just adjusted. Turned my work and found I was short by yet another stitch. Time to tink back.

I tinked back an entire row, and found the stitch count was still off (and some of my stitches were so twisted that I couldn't even move them on the needle.

What's that you say? Lifeline? Yeah, I remembered that just at this point. Oh, well, I think I did rather well, given that I was watching a movie that required watching rather than just listening ("Rush Hour 2" with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. In one outtake, a guy has a horrible multi-story fall, and one of them jokes, "Well, he won't be in 'Rush Hour 3'!"). I don't see the pattern--in fact, it looks kind of backwards, but I hope I can recover the lost switch and continue on.

I decided to conquer Branching Out before I start my Leaf Lace Shawl, which, I believe, is lace knitting, the kind where something happens on the return rows as well as the forward ones. Yoiks.


Dharma said...

I tested out Branching while I was at my mother's in February. Not a bad pattern but not a mindless one. I wonder if Crack Haze is a bit too hazy to be able to see the pattern. I just encountered a simliar problem.

Jennie said...

Definitely not mindless. You can see a pattern, but it seems to be slanting from the center up, rather than down. I'll continue for another pattern repeat and see if I've completely fucked something up. Maybe a stitch counter would help!

Dharma said...

What about your great Cha-Ching? Can't it be adapted for stitches? Are you using stitch marker? Do you need some?

Jennie said...

Kacha kacha! You're right! I could use it for this--thanks!

Stitch markers. Not a bad idea, if nothing else but to mark off the 3 garter stitches in the edges, but maybe also to mark that center stitch.

I just found the Branching Out KAL and the other gal who's use KSH is finding very little pattern definition, too. I think I'll dig out some soft fingering-weight yarn and start again. Thanks.