Monday, May 01, 2006

Bzzt, try again... again

Today, I went home, left the car, picked up Shedir-so-far, and biked down to the yarn shop. Was so excited to show my progress on Shedir to the shop owner, as I bought the yarn and had seen the hat for the first time there. (I was also hoping to see some of the colors of Kidsilk Haze aka Cracksilk Haze that I'm interested in for Birch.)

Imagine my shock, and then laughter, as I saw the Closed sign. She is always closed on Mondays. When will I learn?

(update photos on Shedir and childHood to be posted soon.)


Dharma said...

Sigh. You need to call me before you do such things. Yarn stores are closed on Mondays, except Skein Lane.

Janis said...

Aww. I am sorry that I was closed. Come back and show me your hat. You definately should do Birch. I made two of them and I loved making them.