Sunday, May 14, 2006

What I did yesterday

Not bad for a few hours' work, eh? I bought this sweater at Goodwill for $2.99. Incredibly soft Italian merino wool. I have drawn the line at luxury fibers in general (silk, cashmere), but this was so nice that I got it. It was marked $3.99 but had obvious mothholes, so I asked to pay $2, but the most she would give me was $1 off.

What you see is the back and two sleeves, with a fair amount thrown away (threads that were too short to be worthwhile making into a ball). The front had three or four large, well-spaced moth holes.

It was kind of fun! 147 grams should be more than enough for one pair of socks.


Dharma said...

Sweet! But I am telling myself, turn away young lass, do not be led astray by such tales.

Jennie said...

Ha! I have a feeling you wouldn't enjoy it. Too fiddly? Too much work for not enough results? I don't know.

Dharma said...

Too fiddly? Is there such a thing? You are talking to the girl who loved untangling her grandmother's jewelry. Such a scary road, I must try to turn away.