Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting off the pot

Two chemo caps going out in the mail today (or tomorrow, if I missed today's pickup). Phew. Nice to finally get that done.

Mystery project that will be revealed anon is in the final few rows. Why are the final few rows so painful, sometimes?

I cannot WAIT to start the Leaf Lace Shawl. I wound one skein into balls yesterday/last night. I was worried it would be such a big ball, but for naught: there were two, count 'em, two, knots in the skein. So one large ball (whose start is eluding me, for now) and two smaller balls from this skein. I'm a tad annoyed that one 300-yd skein has 2 knots, but I think it's OK in the end.

But I really should knit up Branching Out so I have something for Asilomar, weekend-after-next.


snarfdog said...

Ok, stupid question from non-knitting person. Why do you have to wind the yarn on balls? How come you can't just knit from the skein?

Jennie said...

Not a stupid question. Some skeins are easy to knit from, as they are already set up to be center-pull. Others are big circles of yarn 24" across or more and would get very tangled if you tried to knit directly from them. This yarn was like that. Plus, you have to have a lot of room and a place to drape the skein (like a chair or your feet), so that would make it less portable.

Dharma said...

Never stupid questions. Snarfdog, it's good to ask because if I didn't knit I wold ask the same.

Dharma said...

OH!! By the way, Sunny got the hat. Very sweet of you.