Sunday, May 07, 2006

FO! Shedir is done, and--frogging candidate?

I finished Shedir! She's freakin gorgeous. I think I'll block her, because the top is a little pointy. She's really big on my head, so that should mean it fits my friend well, as my head is curiously small.

The top is just wonderful:

And here's what I have so far on Branching Out. I think I hate it in this yarn. I think I'll restart it on CrackSilk Haze, since I've mastered the pattern having the correct stitch counts and the use of a lifeline. Votes? I like the yarn and will probably save it for baby booties or something.


amy said...

Love the pattern and the yarn, but not together. Rip. It. Out!

Dharma said...

Amy you are right. I saw it in person and said the same thing about the branching out sample.

Jennie, the hat looks fantastic!

Jennie said...

OK, that does it. That puppy gets ripped out tonight.

Thanks for the hat compliments! I kind of damp-blocked the top and will send it in tomorrow's mail. She needs it!

snarfdog said...

The hat looks great Jennie - I love the pattern. I'm so jealous you can do this stuff.

As for the other, I have to agree with amy and dharma. The yarn is fabulous as is the pattern, but the pattern is already intricate enough that using a variagated yarn puts it over the top.

Good work my friend.

Kenny said...

Beautiful! Great job!

Sarah in DC said...

Yep, I'm definitely in the "rip it out" category. The yarn is gorgeous but the colors are warring with the pattern.

I am in LOVE with the hat! Beautiful!