Saturday, June 03, 2006

Phew, an FO

I sat at my computer, watching an episode of Lost that I'd missed, and finished the teacher's scarf. It's about 2" wide and 2 yards long (5 x 183 cm for you sensible metric folks). I expect it to widen and shorten when I block it. I finally got into the rhythm of the pattern by making a piece of paper that says "K1 K3" on one side and "K2 yo" on the other, and flipping it after I did that part of the design. Dharma said she memorized it easily, but somehow, my brain forgets what I just did quite quickly with this one.

I'm going to do a bit on mom's 2nd sock now... two FOs in quick succession would be nice!

Update: I've turned the heel! Yeah!

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Dharma said...

Turned the heel!!! If I were like Marlowe, I'd turn a cartwheel with joy.

Glad to hear the scarf is finished.

I finished the back of T'mane's sweater and started one sleeve and am quite sure that the magazine made an error about how much yarn is needed. Ack! I need 2 more balls of the green to make the pants. Damn.