Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I have clearly lost my mind

Just got my order in of more Skacel Contrasto for a birthday gift for a friend. And because I can't simply order ONE yarn, like ever, I added in some yarn for a sweater for the little dude. This yarn. In black and orange. As I said, I have completely lost my mind.

Yes, I keep knitting absolutely garish things for my son. Because that is what he asks for and I'm a softie for the little guy. The latest thing he asked for was a head-to-foot T!gger costume, knit or otherwise made by moi. I figure a pullover with kangaroo pocket in this yarn is the closest I'm willing to come, and that's a lot farther than most.

In other news, I finished the tam for my sister, and it is mostly OK. The top is a little, eh, peaky, so I'm going to rip back just a few rows and do k2togs all the way around and see if that makes it flatter. It is really very nice, I think. I still think the cast-on edge is a bit tight. The wool is so soft and warm. And now I have one full ball and part of another left over. Enough for another ribbed hat for me? For someone else? I adore this yarn. Why doesn't everyone stock it?

Oh, and I finished the 3.5" part of the Viva top. Came across a challenge: the pattern has you knit the back & front separately. Now that I'm done with the two "separate" parts of the front, the yarn is at the middle. But in "real life," the yarn would be at the edge. So I think I have to cut it and rejoin it at the right side (not the left, right? Doesn't knitting go from right to left?). Weird, huh? I do still like it, even though the yarn does sometimes catch on the tip of the needles (which are plenty dull, being Clovers).

I've put aside Odessa for the time being. I kept making mistakes.


Dharma said...

{whew} I was worried when I saw black and orange yarn but knowing the project I feel much better now.

The Skacel - it's what you used for the green scarf that G-man wear, right? The teal looks fun, what colour did you get.

I've had that "peak" problem once before. Bummer. A hat, or a matching pair of Fetching for sis?

Wait, so what I saw was just the front? I am having trouble visualizing the dilemma. Maybe I need to come over, nuzzle yarn and ate ice cream with you.

Jennie said...

Yeah, I think G will be THRILLED to get a black-and-orange sweater. Yikes.

Yep, the Skacel is the green scarf for G. I got the exact same color, olive. Nice to have a birthday gift already thought out etc.

The peak is on the tam, as in tam-o-shanter, kinda flat-topped hat. It is otherwise quite nice.

You saw the whole lower edge of the Viva sweater, which has a slit in the middle of the front. Does that make sense?

Although the offer to come over and nuzzle yarn & eat ice cream does sound like a good idea.