Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ugly Fair Isle

My first attempt at Fair Isle doesn't look to bad, technically--but the color choice? Uh, lamentable. :)

From a free pattern I found on the web.

In my defense, the colors in Knit Picks' Palette yarns are sometimes... inscrutable. I mean, do these oranges go together in the first place? I may do the second mitt with the pale apricot as the "natural" color and shades of grey/black for the other 3 colors. Or it may be a singleton (perhaps a warning to others?).


Dharma said...

Must say the colours are better than I imagined, but they are a little off in the hue values. Or something. The knitting on the other hand is awesome.

yaiAnn said...

Congrats on your first fair isle! Too bad about the colors though. They probably could have done a better job choosing the range of hues within each color that they did.