Thursday, March 29, 2007

A pox on bullies

I'm maybe 6" up the sleeves (two at once) on the Tigger sweater, and say to my boy, "It's too bad I'm not done with it; you could wear it today." Then he informs me that he has no intention of ever wearing it to school, as kids would make fun of him. "It's just a black-and-orange striped sweater!" (with ears on the hood) Nope, there are girls who would say things, and he doesn't know what to do about them.

sigh I wish his school had an EFFECTIVE anti-bullying policy.

Still knitting...

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Dharma said...

As if you needed something else to do, you could investigate that program, you know the one. Okay fine, if you decide to take this on I will research the program on bullying.

The flip side to his comment is that it's great he is aware of that fact that people judge others - could be a great jumping off point for a conversation with him about he would respond if someone wore something he thought was weird.