Thursday, March 22, 2007

Updates on scarf, sweater, hat, new UFO

I finally got my butt in gear and washed and blocked my sister's skinny scarf. It's 63", which I fooled myself into thinking was 6'3" (duh, it's 5'3") but should be fine. I hope to mail it tomorrow.

I've done some more rows on the Lang sweater and, musing on how the Sublime sweater is a bit nipped in at the waist and gets me so many compliments, I'm wondering if I should rip it out a bit and redo the waist with the same shaping. Here's the irritating thing: they do waist shaping on the XXS, XS, and S sizes, just not on the M size (which I am, apparently; who knew?). Hm.

I am powering forward on my mom's felted hat. I knit up to the brim flap and ran out of contrast yarn on row 8 of 16 rows. Called Mom and we decided to just do a stripe of the contrast amid rows of black, the main color. So I ripped back to the welt, picked up the stitches again, and have already started on the 8 contrast rows. I'm anxious to be done but there's that pesky sleeping thing.

I also started a lacy scarf from the 2007 Pattern-a-day [sic--only one pattern on weekends] calendar. Got to the 5th row and I'm off on stitch numbers. I think I'll restart it with stitch markers (probably yarn, as the needles are size 11). This is an orange/olive/red shiny yarn from Mom; no label or anything. Maybe I'll try the burn tests in Yarn Harlot's Rules book this weekend and see what they actually are.

Oh, and the kid and I finished a green 'snake' from his four-post knitting thimble thingy. He put on two eyes and a long red tongue and loves his 'rattlesnake.'

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