Monday, June 18, 2007

Pirate hat number 2!

Finished Nephew's pirate hat last, um, Friday night, sewing down each and every little stitch from the lining directly onto the hat. I realized that this was likely better than my inclination to bind it off and sew it in, as this ensures it'll stretch with the hat. I wove in all the other loose ends except the top ones, realizing that even though the bottom was done, I could still unravel the top and make it shorted if needed.

No need. It's really a perfect size. Huzzah!

I did, in the end, forget to weave in the two ends at the top, so I asked my sister to leave the hat behind (she pointing out that snowy days are far, far away anyway) so I could do that, and maybe I'll get a chance to block it, as well. (It really does look good as is, though.)

"We Call Them Pirates" I
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So Friday afternoon, I crocheted a chain of 146 stitches, on which I cast, er, on 144 stitches of the bright Purple from the same yarn as the other. Joined on the Red, and off I went. I'm done with 2 rows of skulls already (2 to go!) and may get it in the mail on time for Niece's birthday (next Monday). I think it looks appropriately hideous, but my sister thought it looked very pretty. (My sister? Admiring knitting? I blame aliens. Or pod people.)

It really is a fun knit, and now I look forward to doing a more traditional Fair Isle design. Maybe a hat again, as they are so danged fast to knit. This is fun.

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