Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pirates nearly done

I finished the main knitting on my nephew's We Call Them Pirates last night. It really turned out neat. I hope it's not too big now!

The next step is to take the 144 stitches off of the provisional cast-on and knit them up with a soft liner yarn. Problem: I knit the hat on 3's with KnitPicks Palette. I want to use Rowan Calmer for my liner. It recommends using size 8 needles! That's a lot bigger. I'd also have to do k2 k2tog around to get the right number of stitches to match the circumference. But it's SOOO SOFT. (I bought two balls at my LYS's closing sale, to make another Shedir, which took me one-and-a-smidge balls of Calmer last time. So I have some to spare.)

The other option is to split the yarn and knit with maybe half of it. But would that be worth it for 2.5" of st st?

Pix up soon. It looks so cool. Looking forward to knitting it again. Nephew arrives Thursday night.

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