Thursday, September 21, 2006

Did I just do that?

I just told my gf that I 'd actually crochet to help her use up some donated yarn that her crafting group was going to make into lap robes. Me? Crochet? I must need coffee.

(Seriously, when I had to knit crochet--see that?--a border onto a square, it went quickly and I rather enjoyed it. Much to my surprise! I don't usually like the look of crochet, but doing it is fun. And only having to keep track of one loop--what a treat!)

She said it was somewhat upscale donated yarn. I can't wait. The Red Heart I keep seeing in her bag, well, it makes me cringe a tad.

I priced superwash wool for her to use on lap robes, and if I got the yardage correct (1200 yards seems extreme), it would cost a minimum of $30 per lap robe. sigh. She argues that Red Heart is so much more economical. I argue that it is better to give one higher quality lap robe than several rough ones... and the debate continues. :)

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Dharma said...

lap robes? I need a picture, or a reason or when and where....