Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tour of Sweaters: #1

The first sweater I ever made was for my mom. I knit it in time for Christmas. Which of course means I finished it within 2 days of Christmas.

It was a heathery off-white yarn, thick on #10 needles. The pattern was all rectangles: one each for the front & back, two for the sleeves, and one for the cowl neck. I think it was stockinette with garter-stitch cuffs and waistband. The yarn was likely a cotton and acrylic blend. I was not the yarn nazi I am today.

My memory of this sweater is of Mom storming into my room with me throwing the needles w/rectangle attached into the closet and slamming the door, and Mom demanding to know why my room still was not clean. She was quite contrite when she found out that was what was keeping me from tidying (as if I ever need an excuse).

I suspect it was somewhat shapeless, but Mom did wear it for many years. She's a sport. And I was quite proud of myself that I made it.

I'll have to see if I can find a photo of it somewhere.

Voila, Sweater #1. Slubby, cottony, cream-colored basic sweater. Circa 1976.

Update: Mom still had the sweater! It's not cottony at all. It's slubby, all right, but 100% acrylic. I told her to throw it away. Its big holes make it not actually warm, yecch!


Dharma said...

voila my butt, no image!

Jennie said...

No, you're right, no image. I don't think I have a photo of it! You'll have to imagine it.

Anonymous said...

hey honey that sounds like my first hat for my mom, it was for mothers day and she kept storming in on me... hope you are well...

P.S. Your linked from the yarnharlots blog entry

Kari said...

I linked over from yarn harlot. I enjoyed reading the story of your first sweater. :-)