Thursday, September 21, 2006

How do you knit? How do you want to?

Kirsten asked the question of whether folks prefer to knit in groups, or alone.

Interesting question. I tend to knit alone (and be asked all the time, I swear by the same people as last time, "What are you knitting?" Two tubes. What could it be but socks?), but love to knit in a group, unless my pattern is complex, in which case I'll doubtless screw up.

I also love to knit with one other person, often Dharma or, lately, my new sweetie (who crochets, of course). There's something beautifully intimate about doing this together, like reading books on either end of the couch, a blanket over the two of you, feet intermingled. Mmm.

How about you? Do you tend to knit alone? What do you do to knit in a group, if you can?


Anonymous said...

I tend to knit alone usually @4am... I also knit @ work on the bus and bart etc... sometimes if i'm knitting with other people i forget to actually knit.... but i do enjoy knitting by myself in a group of people.... right now i'm knitting with Sanaa, Gemma, Atticus, and Marcel on my lap and

Wyatt on my feet does that count as alone???

Dharma said...

I love knitting with you, chatting or watching a movie. I miss it, it's been a long time. The other most common time is sitting with TGF while she does something or other on the mactop. Alone, what is this alone you speak of?