Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another 2-socks-on-2-circs hint

The ones I'm doing for my gf are currently on size 2s, which I only have in regular Susan Bates (not QuickSilver). I thought hard enough to buy this pair in differing colors--and that is making a huge difference. As long as I'm paying attention, I can remember to knit only with pink together or only green. If I find myself knitting pink with green, I'll know I've made a mistake.

Does that make sense? Each circular has needles on each end of the same color, and they differ.

It rocks. Seriously. :)

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Dharma said...

Yes it makes sense, though I'm not sure I'm ready to try even after buying 2 circ in size 2 I think it was. Socks. Have yarn. Have any number of needles and patterns. One it will happen.