Friday, January 26, 2007

Cozy is done! And is cozy!

A coworker just commented that Cozy, which I'm wearing today, is very cozy looking. And it is!

I finished last night, having to tink back 5 of the pattern rows because I didn't have enough yarn to do all 8 plus 3 garter-stitch rows plus casting off. As it is, I have maybe 3 yds left of the Plassard Bourette yarn. Despite looking like string (I bought the color Twine to match the original pattern, because as Dharma likes to remind me, I am a rules follower), it wasn't bad to knit with--not even as tough as cotton.

I did have to wonder, as I put it on today--have I become a little old lady, wearing my lacy shawl because "it's a little cold in here for these old bones, dear"--or is it just fine these days for middle-aged women to wear a lovely, lacy, cozy shawl?

I have decided that yes, it is just fine. And I love it. This may be my "leave at work for when it's chilly" shawl that I've been wanting for a while. We have had a heck of a time keeping our offices warm here. I'm wearing my River Rapids socks today and my feet are barely warm.

But I'm so glad to have finished Cozy! Tickled, really.

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Dharma said...

And I am tickled for you ma'dear.