Wednesday, January 17, 2007

They are fast!

Fetching is done! They were done Tuesday night, in time to be used Wednesday (and today, and tomorrow). My sweetie made appropriate sounds about them tonight (they really are cute). Hm, perhaps she'd like a pair? :)

I continue to work on Cozy, nearing the end of the third ball. It already seems large but a long Cozy might be really nice... I'm still loving it, despite having had to tink back almost the entire row 7 because I made a mistake on the second stitch of the row. Yes, the second stitch. Argh!

I'm now thinking of organizing my stash better--putting patterns with the wool, etc., so I have a better idea of yarn that has no planned purpose. The idea of planned projects out 2 years really pleases me, even when I can imagine others finding the idea appalling (my sweetheart knows I'm no spontaneity queen). And I do love the idea of future finished projects, yeah!

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Dharma said...

Okay that level of organizing? A little crazy if you ask me. I can't tell you where I will be living in two years and you will know everything you will knit in that time? Weird. Just weird.