Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting, knitting...

I'm finishing the fifth ball of Cozy (of eight) and still enjoying it. It's getting big--too big to be a transportable project, I think. I have once again misplaced my camera, or you would be looking at photos of it-so-far and Fetching.

I continue to make mistakes on row 5 of Cozy. I get lost in the stitch pattern and get to the end with too few or too many stitches left. It is frustrating and I don't know how to resolve it. I do think it's much faster to knit from a chart, at least for me, and am surprised no one has put a chart on his or her blog for it. I'd do it but I don't have the characters/font set (does anyone?).

Ah--of course, the second I type it, it occurs to me to try to search for it again, and this time "knitting font" turns up a hit first off: a freeware font. Yay! Now I can go to the effort of typing in this chart to share. Whoopee!

I am, though, casting about for a truly transportable project again. I do have the Child's First Socks on the needles, but they're not what you'd call mindless. The other candidate is Branching Out, which is so challenging for me that it's the opposite of mindless. I do want to start the Lang Yarns Viva "Sleeveless" Top (to which I'll add sleeves, grâce à Knitty). But even the beginning doesn't seem mindless. And after a page from my Stitch & Bitch calendar encouraging me to do so, I kind of want to knit both the front & back at once, to make them the same size! (Now that I write that down, it does seem a bit insane. Perhaps good notes would help?)

Speaking of notes, I am really enjoying using a knitting notebook these days. I picked up a pocket-sized, lined, spiral-bound blank book at the Powell's store in the Portland airport (yes, in the airport--how cool is that?) with an elastic to hold it closed, and the spiral not only holds my pen but also lets me flip the cover completely to the back for writing. Am loving it! It was on the sale rack, and being the sale snooper that I am, I carefully peeled back the stack of stickers to see what I'd saved off the original price. They all read $4.98, which was the price I paid. Not cool, Powells. Sale usually means "at a discounted price." Hmph. (I do still love it, though.)

OK, enough blather--off to the day's activities. Just keep knitting!

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Dharma said...

Why can't you knit that top in the round, up to the sleeve part? Notes are good, but isn't that kinda the purpose of this blog? {ducking}