Monday, April 09, 2007

It's all in the 'tude, man

I had to redo several things on the kiddo's Tigger Sweater yesterday. The latest one was that I incorporated one of the sleeves wrong. I had been knitting them 2-on-2-circulars, so one 'end' was the beginning of the tube, and the other 'end' was halfway across. In this pattern, you bind of 6 stitches centered over the beginning and then knit across the remaining stitches when attaching it to the body.

Well, I bound off stitches and then knit across half of the remaining stitches, rather than from the bound-off stitches, so as I continued to knit, I came across a bald patch where stitches, seemingly in the middle of the sleeve, were bound off. OOPS.

Oh, and the error before that? I knit the other sleeve on, backwards. As in, I knit across the backside of the stitches, producing bumps on the K side. Still can't believe I did this.

Normally, there would have been a buttload of cussing, some throwing of the garment, and then an imposed exile period. For whatever reason (very good therapist?), I went and attended to Easter dinner*, then came back and calmly undid my error and continued on my way.

*A ham, because it is traditional and I like ham, and thought the Kid would enjoy it, which he did; plus homemade mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. Guess which one the Kid asked for.

I know. I think it's unusual too. But I'm grateful for this new serenity. Especially as these were pretty egregious errors. Oh, well, I'm knitting around the top (what is that freakin' word? can't think of it) of the sweater now, well into the home stretch. Except for the hood I need to make. With Tigger ears.

Good think the Kid's cute.

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amy said...

Can't wait to see the Tigger FO - I love the stripes!

Did you finish Childhood? I'd love to see a pic of how it turned out.