Thursday, April 26, 2007

New projects

I was given a copy of the Wonderful Wallaby pattern by a sweet KnitCamper (thanks, Witt!), so I'll use that to finish the hood on the Tigger sweater. Yippee!

Let's see... the Child's First Socks are languishing for now. I did start a simple pair of socks with the Patch Toe taught by The Fiberqat at Knit Camp, in my Meilenweit that still makes my heart race when I look at it. Yum. They're up to the foot portion, where I just knit around & around, and I love how they don't match even though they're from the same ball of yarn. It seems to have two strands of orange that goes from light to dark and two strands of green that do the same thing, making for different combinations of colors. Gorgeous. (I just realize they look largely brown; it must be the combination of the colors that does that.)

I also started the Swallowtail Shawl, in the hotel room, I think it was. It's another Evelyn Clarke, so well written, of course. I did think there was a mistake in the pattern, but that was just from my stitch markers needing to migrate on a certain row (row 5, I think it is). I'd end up short 1 stitch at the right, but have an extra one at the end. I'm on repeat 7 of 14 of the Budding Lace 2 chart, and despite some early mistakes, it really does look nice. I'm using the yarn specified (that was lucky), Misti Alpaca Lace, in a gorgeous Dutch blue color, on Quicksilver circulars. It is challenging for me, but worth it, so far.

I did some more rows on the Double Rose Leaf scarf, but not a lot. I am really enjoying having a simple pair of socks to work on at soccer games (and maybe church), as the Child's First Socks need a little more attention than is useful for this sort of thing. (And have you seen all the socks-in-progress over at Harlotville?

I did decide, on this trip, that my main objective in knitting in the near future is to have a drawerful of hand-knitted socks. I was so intrigued by everyone's!

I had SUCH a great time. Photos later.


Ducktastic said...

I'm still in SHOCK from the socks-in-progress over at the Harlot's blog. It's making me feel very guilty about my own utter lack of progress on what should be very simple socks. *le sigh*

Thanks for the compliments on the SKB, by the way. It's totally my favourite sweater.

Dharma said...

Thanks for the prodding, maybe I'll start on Swallowtail with the yarn you bought me back in the fall. I guess there are two things stopping - 1. a bit terrified of the chart thang
2. who am I making it for?