Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stop spitting on me from up there! (And UFO update)

I dug out this rainbow yarn that my mom had bought on behalf of my niece, whoah, more than 7 years ago? for me to make a scarf & hat for said niece. The niece picked it out, Mom bankrolled the operation, I was to knit it. I finished the hat first and sent it on. My sister said it was too small. When I saw my niece try it on later, I realized 'too small' was rather an understatement. Whoops!

I think I did finish a larger hat and send it on.

The scarf, though... even though it's a rather variegated wool (seems like every stitch is a different color), I chose a complex, 8-row lace pattern. Took forever and when I'd gotten maybe a foot done, I realized it was awful. Ripped it out, started a k2p2 rib scarf, but got distracted before I had a foot done. Put it away for several years and finally asked said niece if she still wanted it. She said no.

Then recently, I found a pattern for knitted, felted coasters in my set of saved 2006 "Knitting Pattern A Day" calendar sheets. What fun! I thought this rainbow variegated yarn would be just the thing.

So I started one last night, and knitted it up, finishing it this morning:
(modeled by my silly s0n)

Plopped it in the washer in a net bag with a little soap and very hot water, let it agitate, checked it, agitated, checked, agitated, checked and...

realized it's either not 100% wool or is superwash. Cause the danged thing pretty much looks like the photo above still, but damp. RATS! I was looking forward to some lovely coasters.

UFO Update
I couldn't actually find any other projects on which I'd made any amount of progress save these two. First, the Swallowtail Shawl:
Still in Budded Lace II

A close-up. Despite what I know were errors, it actually looks quite lovely!

And my patch-toe Meilenweit socks, one toe at a time:

Toe that starts out a little lighter

Other one

They look rather odd on the needles, because each needle holds the increased stitches from one side of the patch, plus a top, so the foot is skewed. But as I try them on, I'm quite pleased. Doesn't look like the skein, quite, but is really nice anyway.

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Dharma said...

Ha. You are doing two projects that I have been stewing over - socks and swallowtail. {sigh} I might just have to look like I'm following in your footsteps.