Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bring on the knitting monkeys

I'm still turning the heel, or maybe finishing up from turning the heel... in any case, I'm decreasing stitches from the heel turn and am not on the actual instep yet. I have 3 days, people! Fortunately, I'm going to a day-long meeting on Saturday and can hopefully knit my little heart out.

And lay out the church newsletter.

And make soup for said meeting.

And clean the house.

And and and.


And I'm still getting into situations with these 2 circulars where I say to myself, Didn't I just knit this sock? Shouldn't I be knitting the other sock now?

1 comment:

Dharma said...

Oh honey, I think you could finish, if you make a priority. The house, ah, skip it, it's not like your mother is coming.

And I meant to say something about you have too much on your plate....