Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have sinned.

I crocheted... and I liked it.

I'm making a square for a "love blanket" for someone on my glb-knit list who's sick. I swatched twice and knit the whole thing... only to find it was 9" square instead of 10". I had already put a garter-stitch border on it, so I decided to crochet an edging. Single-croche wasn't tall enough, so I did double-crochet. Turns out I can still do it. It's got to have been, seriously, 20 years since I've crocheted, but I felt quite comfortable crocheting. Wow.

Not that I'll quit knitting or anything; I don't like the look of crocheted fabric. But I may use it as edging a little more... I think I've found the real Dark Side!

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