Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An FO, and progress on another UFO

I finished the square for the "love blanket" and got it blocked to size. Knitting can be so frustrating; I needed it to be 10x10" and it came out of the washer 9.5" x 10.5". So I had to stretch it in length and inch in the edges. At least I got it to behave, and Maddy decided not to lounge on it (it's pinned to some old diapers on top of my living-room rug).

I got about 2' total done on my mom's glittery black scarf. I finally got into a groove with the pattern, but I still need to look at the directions and switch my stitch counter between "2" and "4" to keep track (odd rows are purled). And I'm still gripping the stitch that's pulled over 2 others between the needle and my fingernail to grab it. It's slow going but looks wonderful. I may block it for length rather than width, as it's already much wider than the pattern calls for and may only be 4' unblocked (I got all geeky and weighed the remaining wool, what I've done, and the other knitting needle; I'm almost exactly halfway through). So I may block it from 5.5" x 4' to 4.5" x 4.5' or 5'. Pics to be posted later... Knitting Olympics starts Friday!


Dharma said...

I am working this pattern in two different yarns, different size needles and neither is 4" in width, which is just fine by me.

Finished one hank of the alpaca on K's scarf as of yesterday, so I went back to the baby blue - yeech the acrylic is so nasty after that wonderful fiber. Any idea how much alpaca will stretch when blocked?

Jennie said...

So yours are wider, too? My needles are #6.

I think the alpaca will stretch a lot. Something I read today compared it to wool, and wool is very stretchy.

I agree about the acrylic...

Dharma said...

I'm using 6 with the acrylic and 7 with the alpaca. The pattern called for 6, the alpaca label recommended 7. Both are wider than 4 inches, which I think is a good thing.

Alpaca, will it stretch in both directions?

Lars said...
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