Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting there! Gold is in sight!

At lunchtime, I finished the 2nd heel flap and turned the heel on the first sock. I hope hope hope the instep isn't too complex.

The pattern is really well written. I accidentally knit only 16 rows of the heel flap, instead of 32. What caught me was the pattern saying that the flap should be nearly square. "Nearly square? It's totally rectangular!" was my thought before I reread. "Ah, 32; that will help." And it did.

Went to the local STITCH AND BITCH last night. Only 2 people, as compared to last time's 10 or more. Graham was fairly well behaved, despite being a bit antsy. We had brought his knitting spool and he did pretty well (I only had to fix one stitch). But he couldn't stick with it to finish the green and wanted to restart with the yellow or do stripes (stripes, on a 4-peg knitting spool? It could work, but...). I told him to finish the green and he chose to finish his hot cocoa instead. Turned out to be a good choice. I love that cafe.

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Dharma said...

Yeah you! I am so proud.