Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yarn opinions?

OK, I'm going to make this bunting for the Murrita, silly as it may seem. I had initially settled on "Shine" from KnitPicks, as it is washable cotton-blend yarn in good colors for corn ("Grass" and "Butter"). But then Liz posted that she wanted to dress the baby warmly, in general, as she expected to have the baby at hockey quite a bit.

So then I was back to wool. But KnitPicks' "Wool of the Andes" is only said to have "reasonable softness"; I kind of want this to be unbelievably soft!

In my recent shipment from Little Knits, I got two balls of laceweight baby alpaca. OMG, is that stuff soft.

But... what about washing? Should I just assume a bunting doesn't need washing that often and relegate Liz & Andrea to washing it in cold water on gentle and having to flat-dry it? Or should I go with washable, as babies do spit up?

What to do?


amy said...

Sigh. I can't believe that you're actually going to make that! Too funny.

As much as I hate to say it (because I've realized that I am a wool purist), I'd say go with something washable. But really, will it get *really* dirty? I have No Experience Whatsoever when it comes to babies, so I'm just guessing. How much washing did you have to do when G was a baby?

Dharma said...

From reading Liz and Andrea's blogs, go washable. (Really I love you guys!)

Dharma said...

I just looked at the yarns, I'm still saying go with Shine. Better colours for the project IMO.