Thursday, January 19, 2006

Found the sock.

It was in its bag in the corner of the living room, quietly resting on top of a plastic Xmas storage box.

I restarted my mom's lacy scarf. I keep having to rip it back. I don't know what I'm not getting. If this continues, I'm going to break out the Lion's Brand Micro Spun and practice on it. But don't imagine for one minute that I'll be happy.

The problem with this one is that it only has 2 rows of pattern. The intervening rows are all purl. So I keep thinking I don't need to use a row counter, and then the pattern doesn't look right, the spaces don't line up correctly, etc. In short, I'm way too proud.

Ah, well, at least it's not half bad yarn for ripping back (or tinking, as I'm understanding is un-knitting--oh, crap, it's "knit" spelled backwards, those damned crafty folks!). And when the pattern works, it really does look neat.

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