Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh, another FO.

I have pretty much finished the red "magic" scarf. And... ta-dah, I don't like it.

That is it for buying yarn that doesn't exactly make my heart go pit-a-pat. I'll see if this grows on me while I wear it, and if not, maybe I'll give it away on Freecycle or Craig's List.

I do want one of these scarves, and maybe want to knit it...or I could buy one and spend my time knitting socks. Which I really need right now. My feet are cold at work every day. I'm tempted to bring in my hot water bottle just to rest my feet on.

And the East Coast folks go, "bwah!"


Liz said...

Yeah, screw using yarn you don't love. Establish a love affair with your threads, sister!

snarfdog said...

Post picture please.

amy said...

I hear ya regarding yarn choices and FOs that end up being disappointing. I have not had any good experiences with any of the projects in which I've used eyelash-type novelty yarns. I like the yarn while its bundled up in a hank and then find myself hating it (and ultimately hating the scarf or whatever) while working on it. Ugh.

But socks! Socks are wonderful! (obviously my current favorite project) Knit some socks!

Jennie said...

Thanks, Liz. Will do, snarfdog (I can bind it off tonight). And Amy, yeah baby! I ripped back my mom's socks last night and hope to get a lot done tonight. Maybe I can start my own socks just after. Yay!