Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Turkish cast-on

I just want to mark this down; it seems so useful for starting sock toes.

I've been wearing my Magic Scarf and I do like that it is soft and warm; I still don't really like the colors. I bought a skein of soft eyelash yarn in black at (frown) Beverly's, so I'll just reknit it. I hope I'll get a chance to take a photo of it on Graham tonight.

I'm almost done turning the heel in my mom's sock. It has bigger holes than the first try, but dammit, I'm just moving forward. They'll still be warm and pretty. I feel like mailing it to her once I've turned the heel so I don't finish them and find they're still too short.

Anyone reading this wear a women's 9 1/2 narrow?

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amy said...

Oh! That's a nifty cast-on. One of the reasons why I still make top-down socks is because I just can't get my head around the cast-on for toe-up. I just might have to try this!

And if it helps, I wear a size 10 narrow - sometimes a 9.5 if the shoe is European. Do you need measurements?