Friday, January 27, 2006

No more Lion Brands

I have been averse to Lion Brands yarn for a while now. I picked up a ball of their Micro Spun a few weeks ago and did like its feel and sheen--then was told that it does tend to pill after a while. Yuck.

And yesterday, I came across a very well-reasoned argument against buying their yarns. It makes sense to me. That's it for Lion Brands!

I have an order in at KnitPicks right now. I haven't clicked the "place this order" button yet. I'm making myself wait till I've finished my mom's socks (I'm on the ankle of sock #1 right now; am hoping to finish it during basketball practice tomorrow morning). Gotta get an FO to earn more yarn, I've decided!

Maybe tonight, I'll get some photos taken of the finished Magic Scarf, whose function I really like but whose colors, not so much. Oh, and Coronet, which I'm going to press and then send off to Dharma's mom. It came out great!


amy said...

That is a good argument! No more LB for me either!

Dharma said...

Wow. Now I feel guilty about the LB I have in my stash, but I got 95% from my freecyle pick up.

Jennie said...

No, no, honey--don't feel guilty. Just informed! You have better options! :)