Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good knitting news x 4

First--dragged Graham to the Alameda Stitch & Bitch at Julie's Coffee and Tea on Monday night. There were already a lot of folks there, but they were very sweet about making room for the two of us. Graham was terrific--sat and drew with his crayons quite quietly. What a great crowd; very easy to talk with. And quite varied, in age as well as knitting level as well as projects (from simple scarves up to sweaters). Graham asked yesterday if we were going back that day, and was crushed to find out it's only once a week.

Second, while I was there, I asked, "What do you do with a scarf you knit and then don't want?" This was about the blue scarf I posted about recently. Showed it around, hoping for a taker, and then Graham piped up, "I want it!" He's wearing his boa-look scarf to school today. Too cute.

Third, one of the knitters asked Graham, "Do you knit?" and he and I both realized that we could have brought his new knitting spool! He is anxious to get started on it and very proud to realize he could be one of the knitters. (another one had brought her daughter who was working on a scarf, and not her first, either!)

Finally, I ripped out the red scarf, restarted it on 25 stitches, got about 15 rows in and found it wouldn't even go over my head, ripped it out and restarted it on 30 and it seems just right. Finished the first ball this morning. I think I can get 2 scarves out of the 3 balls I bought. This one is nearly long enough already. And it feels so soft. 100% acrylic but worth it, for this!

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